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The Good Life

If you ask me how I got here I’ll tell you about the fear of living a life I truly despised as so many adults come to do when they submit to their stability seeking as we all do if we aren’t wealthy or rich. I don’t regret being “here” as in fact I feel foolish for wanting to do it years ago, starting it, and literally being too scared to follow through with it because who would see value in the commentary a sex worker is brining? While chasing the good life, I forgot to truly chase my dreams of creating purpose with how I moved in regard to what I wanted to leave behind. I wanted to be a writer and a speaker, but I didn’t know what that meant for me, as someone born with nothing that had done absolutely nothing what did I have to bring? So, I focused on the good life and what that was supposed to mean. 


What Is The Good Life

When we think of the good life we think of having everything we need and want but I also guess it depends on who you ask because some people just want more than others. For me, the good life meant having a stable job, owning a home, having a car and college degree. I expected the attainment of this to be both simple and easy. And for some of us it is. But for more than two thirds of Americans this is not a reality and people are really wondering why so many are choosing sex work as a means to an end. Like, not just women but this is inclusive of men. 

Economics play a huge role. No, I didn’t have any kids to feed but I wanted to live in a house on my own! I get that some might feel that is a privilege and others feel it is a right and necessity. I am not here to argue either point. I do not care honestly. The purpose of this is to demonstrate that most of us make choices simply because we want to experience the good life and less struggle. We want the best of everything, and the same things offered to everybody else. We don’t mind if we have to pay for it. We may simply choose to use a cheat code if you could call it that.

Now, many of us are indeed practical and we understand that we may have some limitations based on our own choosing’s or social standings. That is life. And I know I don’t speak for all of us because I also understand how many of us have very different upbringings and lives. Some of which I simply won’t be able to relate but I want it to be clear that many of us do this just to pay bills and get out of debt. Some of us like it but we also need to pay our bills. This is a form of work. It may not be acceptable work, but it is work. And it pays the damn bills. There, I said it for those that don’t get it. You can say go get a job but some of us had jobs and lost them. (Not me, some of us.) 

We want respect for the fact that in spite of us knowing our minimal place in the labor market we would still do what we need to do to both shelter ourselves and if we have them our children. I am not here to argue morals but understand that I get it. Most of us are not on the street doing whatever we need to do for a hit or a needle. We just out here trying to make an honest, sometimes rather enjoyable living. This is not all of us. While it is some, and I do not intend to shame, I simply don’t think we all have the same initial struggle when we make those “other” choices.  You may want sobriety and I just want to do what I do without hiding it so I can live honestly. We both want shelter obviously. And we both want to be able to move forward regardless. 


The Good Life Not Meant For Whores

No pun intended. The good life is often not meant for those who choose this life as so often we are shamed and humiliated. An example is Sarah Juree of South Bend Indiana who had a stable job that didn’t pay all the bills so she started an Only Fans. What’s even more concerning is that she was fired for doing things during her personal time that conflicted with her employer’s policy and that had nothing to do with her ability to get her job done. She was let go because her images could potentially harm the reputation of the company. But the reality is that many companies have policies that would prevent you from being employed with them if in fact they found out you did any type of sex work, a blog like this included.  It’s perfectly okay if you just watch it. The same article goes on to reveal just how common it is becoming to get fired for having an Only-Fans. 

And of course, the good life is not meant for whores. Even though you can clearly see that even with a decent paying job you could still find yourself on the abject side of poverty even while being considered part of the working class. And while working class doesn’t actually mean poor is it any wonder the lines are becoming less visible in the sand and so many are turning to sex work? When you have a job and still can’t pay the bills yes, you can call it poor planning and management but are we going to discuss the cost it actually takes to get there and how easy it is to end up in that shit simply due to the cost of living? By the time you have the degree you are many thousands of dollars in debt and if you are a single mom (I am not) this can be crippling because you never essentially get out of it.

As Sarah Juree pointed out, she was doing nothing no differently than she would do as single woman to attract a male spouse, so she has in fact sent out pics and done things for free with her body and nobody said shit about it. No one has an issue with that but seeing as she can make a profit is where things begin to look different, and she has to be fired. 

Only Fans is new. I am not and I have known the consequences of this type of lifestyle since before it was popular to slut yourself out for fun not understanding the true consequences of being labeled a sex worker in today’s easily accessible climate. In chase of the good life, I don’t really think a lot of young women are thinking this through and how it will impact their lives so drastically as time goes by if they ever want to be done or through.  This will affect everything about how potential employers see you.  So, in essence you have to choose what is ultimately going to work best for you. I really won’t blame you if you still choose to create that account though. 


A Good Life Means Standing on What You Believe In

Regardless of what you do, a truly good life means standing on what you believe in and doing what you truly want to do. Whatever that is though you are going to have to make many sacrifices as you give up this to do that or that to do this in the real world. As they say in the hood you are going to have to stand on it. This is very unavoidable. But be very honest with yourself. You get to make many choices and with that freedom you aren’t a victim, and I don’t know who really wants to be treated like that. Most of us just want to be respected for our choices and if need be, guided in the right direction. 

I don’t know what that means for you but if you want to live the good life don’t allow what others think to define what you do or don’t do. With or without the choice the decision is made but the consequences are all on you. Do what you gotta do or die trying until you make it. 

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