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About Ms. Phoenix Rising

There comes such a time when you must that you are who you and nothing is going to change that so embrace it. I am your favorite ebony Mistress Ms. Phoenix Rising. I have spent time in many spaces but this one, well it’s all mine so you won’t have to worry about it getting deleted or being banned due to the content, but we will always keep it decent. We don’t do anything with age play so all adult related content here. So, if you are under 18, please hightail yourself right out of here. So if you are under 18 hightail yourself right out of here.  Welcome, to the rest of you. Welcome to What She Left Behind, a blog, a safe space, maybe even your gateway. Who knows. But BDSM has truly been a gem in my life and I want to share how integral it all will be and was.

There’s so much to share and I want to always be able to look behind and to see it sitting right here. But we will see. After a while it won’t be of much importance but for now, for those of you who have always been watching, it’s an auspicious but delicious time and I won’t make you wait, you can stick around and see. 

If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough. If you’ve been waiting, now’s your time to submit yourself unto me.
-Ms. Phoenix Rising


I love what I do and for many years I did it from other sites but now you can come here and read all about that and more. I will share my thoughts on popular topics that are very important within the BDSM culture. This is from a perspective all my own and I assure you I have not particular authority but you you can be the judge of that and decide that on your own. 

I know who I am. I have been here for more than fifteen years and will be for at least a decade longer so you can expect no more but no less than that out of me. I am proud of who I am, who I am been, and who I am to come because there is so much more, and I want to show you these truly intimate parts of me. That’s one of the most fascinating things to me about the public and how the view what we do, they don’t see the intimacy we can come to share.

So many people are rejected for who they really are. We can all agree that trans lives do matter and LGBTQ isn’t going anywhere and makes up a huge part of BDSM culture. No, that is not to say that they are all into BDSM but many of them are and the ones who could never truly live that life often got to come to his world and get a glimpse. Men who could not come out of the closet and admit that they liked dick could come to this world and get it and go back to being the supposed macho masculine man he wishes to present. My point is, there’s so much good that comes out of this dark little corner, and I definitely plan on helping more of you to understand it. I’ve had a good time here and there is so much more I plan to leave behind. 

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